Below are some of Far Valley Dohne's achievements:

  • Far Valley began breeding Dohnes in 1999. Dohnes are considered as the best multi-purpose woolled sheep on the world today.
  • Far Valley has topped WA ram sale averages twice in the last decade.
  • In 2001, Far Valley sold a ram for US $25,000 to Uruguay, one of the all-time highest priced rams and an Australian record.
  • Far Valley was the first to have an On-Property Dohne Ram Sale in Australia.
  • In 2010, Far Valley achieved approximately 150% lambing from a large mob of 800 ewes.
  • Far Valley is at the cutting edge of a very progressive sheep breeding system that has no peer in the world today.
  • Far Valley had the highest ranked animals in Australia for 4 consecutive years.
  • Since 2009, Far Valley has been heavily involved with the on-farm development of Pedigree Matchmaker.
  • In 2010, Far valley is one of the chosen few to be displayed at the inaugural LAMBEX convention in Perth.
  • In 2011, Far Valley pioneered WA's first Commercial Dohne-Ewe Sale.
  • Far Valley currently serves several clients from all over the world.

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