Far Valley offers more Rams

Far Valley still has a limited number of Private selection Rams available, so if there is any interested people out there, get in quick, before the Rams all go.

2011 Sale Day

In 2011 in October, Far Valley held its 10th On Property Sale, the sale achieved a tremendous result, with the average exceeding $1600 for the 120 Dohne Rams presented. It was a very pleasing result for breeder David Kain, who felt that it reinforced the breeding direction that the stud was going. Body structure and wool quality, still remain the most important aspects, with high growth and fertility as always right up there. Rams went from New Zealand, to most states of Australia. It is always pleasing to see the return of the regulars, who know exactly what they want and proceed to procure their orders with confidence.

2011 Field Day

This year's September Field Day was again well supported and the presentation given by Bronwyn Clarke was well received. Bronwyn talked about the changes from Ebv's to ASBV's. How to intepret them and the best way to utilise these.

Tim Spicer then gave the crowd a brief run down on Auctions Plus, the benefits of this system of sale and how to gain access to this technology.

David Kain then informed his clients of the upcoming Commercial Dohne sale and how to become involved in it. He also spoke briefly on how to increase the fertility of their own Ewe flocks, to more mirror the achievements and fertility shown by the Far Valley Flock.