Cameron McMaster Dohne Workshop - Introduction

An introduction to the Cameron McMaster Dohne Workshop.

Cameron McMaster Dohne Workshop - Selection by Stud and Commercial Breeders

Breeders can influence the economic performance, the genetic merit and the rate of improvement of their flocks by selecting superior rams in terms of the objectives they have set, and selecting replacement ewes on the basis of their performance.

Cameron McMaster Dohne Workshop - Stud Management

A management and selection regime to improve genetically based commercial productivity.

Cameron McMaster Dohne Workshop - Dinner Presentation

To learn more about the dinner presentation, download the power point presentation below:

The Dohne in Australia

Commercial sheep producers have embraced the Dohne in Australia. Dohne genetics influence approximately 20% of Australian commercial flock breeding ewes.

Wauldby Dohne Merinos: on the veld for 68 years!

The legendary Wauldby Dohne Merino Stud from the Amabele area near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape was founded by deemie Blaine in 1947. Mike Burgess visited Blaine's grandson, Robbie, a finalist in the 2015 National Sheep Farmer of the Year competition, to find out how he continues to farm his stud in this challenging environment.

2010 LAMBEX Convention

In 2010, Far Valley was one of the chosen few to be displayed at the inaugural LAMBEX convention in Perth. This power point presentation was put to view during the convention.

To learn more interesting facts about Dohnes, download the power point presentation below:

Dohne Genetic Trend

Dohnes are the best multi-purpose woolled sheep in the world today. To learn more about their genetic trend, download the power point presentation below:

History of Far Valley

During the 1980's and most of the 1990's, Far Valley was a traditional Merino breeder and was registered as a Merino Stud in 1987. In 1999, owner David Kain started the process of breeding Dohnes.

To learn more about the history of Far Valley, download the power point presentation below: